Virginia Black

Virginia Black 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/jolarbear for this sample. I think.

In the immortal words of Ashley from Degrassi: The Next Generation: I’m not ready.

Luckily Drake has my back in the very next line: Good. Because to tell you the truth, neither am I.

But perhaps I’m jumping ahead: Lat me show you what it is. Because when talking about this whisky, yall don’t really even know me.

Virginia Black is the newest whiskey on the market, and it’s brought out in partnership with Drake. Granted, some of you may have heard that it’s driyyu baby, and that you already know what it is.

For the rest of us, we’re hoping it’ll be all I ever wanted. We could do it real big, bigger than you ever done it. However let’s not get ahead of ourselves before we attribute it’s ability to be hittin’ all the spots that you ain’t even know…

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