Knappogue Castle 16

Knappogue Castle 16 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/toadpooh for this sample.

In the year 1966, a very rich American gentleman by the name of Mark E. Andrews bought a decrepit 15th century castle named Knappogue Castle.

Normally that’s the beginning of some sort of “Cultural Appropriation is Bad” film, and in the end, the valiant people of the area will rise up against him.

However Andrews was not just another rich fool. He had worked hard in the Navy, making his way up to Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

He isn’t a saint, and I won’t make him a hero. However for this whiskey, it’s interesting to know what he did in Ireland.

So, like I said: He buys ruins of a 15th century castle and his wife restores it. At the same time, he starts buying casks of fine pot still whiskey from around Ireland. Then he ages them further and bottles them under…

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