Mortlach 15 (Gordon & MacPhail)


Thanks to /u/Schockwaves for this sample

So close to 500 Scotch reviews. But why aren’t I reviewing something ridiculous, like a ex-Arrack cask Scotch that was aged in the Hebrides after having cherrywood smoke used to dry the malt.

But let’s get away from my insane fever dream of a whisky and get to why, oh why, I chose to review Mortlach 15 (Gordon & MacPhail) so close to my milestone reviews?

Normally I do review a lot of high ends whiskies when I come close to my divisible by 100 review numbers.

However in the past few years I kept swapping for a variety of samples. Some I planned to do large multi reviews. Some I wanted to do by themselves.

None the less, I ended up with about 200 minis that needed to be done. My wife, who is ever so patient, explained I may want to catch…

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