First Barrels – Straight Canadian: Standard and Cask Strength Versions

As you may or may not have heard recently, the Toronto Whisky Society both a) became a real thing and b) visited a couple distilleries.

I was lucky and privileged enough to join in one of these nights, and ended up at one of these nights, at Toronto Distillery Co.

There are much better people who can go into detail about Toronto Distillery Co. Go to muaddib99’s great review here for more.

Personally I’ve been waiting for a few years for Toronto Distillery Co. to bring out a whisky. I was so excited, I went out and bought some of their first clear spirit they made, and then aged it myself, just to see how it was.

Got to give a sample to the distillers and see what they thought. Was pretty cool about it, and gave me some recommendations.

A couple things I found interesting:

  • This whisky is made…

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