BenRiach Single Cask 1984 (CSN Wine & Spirits) (Toronto Whisky Society Review Set #1)

BenRiach Single Cask 1984 (CSN Wine & Spirits).jpg

As part of the Toronto Whisky Society, we had a small getogether and drank our fucking faces off.

Like gentlemen and ladies and all that shit, you know? All hosted by one of our members, /u/devoz and his amazing wife.

Each of us brought a bottle to drink. And that was too many. So I understand if you take my reviews with a grain of salt. Or two.

We started, as we all should start, with a questionable whisky of lower proof and reviews that were… iffy.

Thanks to /u/devoz for opening BenRiach Single Cask 1984 (CSN Wine & Spirits).

It’s a special moment when you get to try a store’s pick of a bottle. Assuming they don’t go the route of certain Lazy Ontario Monopolies, it means someone sat back and tried multiple samples, potentially over months, until selecting what they thought best represented their picks.


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