Tamdhu 17 Adelphi 1993 (Toronto Whisky Society Review Set #1)

Tamdhu 17 Adelphi 1993.jpg

As part of the Toronto Whisky Society, we had a small getogether and drank our fucking faces off.

Like gentlemen and ladies and all that shit, you know? All hosted by one of our members, /u/devoz and his amazing wife.

Each of us brought a bottle to drink. And that was too many. So I understand if you take my reviews with a grain of salt. Or two.

We started, as we all should start, with a questionable whisky of lower proof and reviews that were… iffy.

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for bringing Tamdhu 17 Adelphi 1993.

I had a Tamdhu awhile ago. And due to my amount of drink and bravado, I decided to tell everyone that IB Tamdhus will “rip their fucking faces off”.

What do we learn kids? Well the last one I had was made by Signatory, as part of their ballsy Cask Strength collection…

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