Bruichladdich 3D3 Norrie Campbell [Via Allegro Review Set #1]

Bruichladdich Norrie Campbell 3d3 2.jpg

This has been a rough year. Probably rougher for some more than me. However it has been rough, none the less.

To make up for it, my wife and I decided to treat ourselves a little bit more this year. Additional trips, more date nights, and just enjoying things. We hope that in the coming weeks things will start relaxing a little more, and we can start just living life well again.

That brings me to the nice background in the picks above. You’ll notice that it’s not me trying to direct it away from the TV so I don’t get judged for watching superhero stuff all the time.

The nice background is none other than Via Allegro. Words cannot describe the sheer amount of Scotch and other whiskies, as well as wines, grappas, and many other delectable drinks there. To truly give you an idea of how many…

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