Springbank 12 Claret Wood [Via Allegro Review Set #1]

WARNING: Take this review with a grain of salt. Reason below. TL;DR – Drank a peated whisky before it. Skip to where I say “On to the dram”.

You see, this is the second whisky I reviewed at Via Allegro. This was chosen by me.

You see, when I was offered the last dram, I didn’t realize that because it was peated, I had crossed the peat barrier. That make believe barrier I made up when I review whisky.

Once crossed, and this was later pointed out to me by the experienced, knowledgeable, and great whisky expert, one should not go back. Like drinking wine, there’s an order to these things that we should follow.

That said, prior to reviewing the Springbank 12 Claret Wood, I ate lots of bread (without butter or oil), had many glasses of water, and meditated on my mistakes. Once I felt that…

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