Bruichladdich Black Arts 4

Bruichladdich BA 4.1.jpg

Changes are an interesting thing that happen to us all.

Or rather, the world and we with it change, grow, shatter, fall down, and get back up.

For some, nostalgia is part of the human condition. Happiness, beauty, and other human emotions are connected to a thing, a time, or a place, and any diminished aspect of that cannot stop making it great. We tweak every part of our lives to get back to that time.

However, as a whisky nerd, I find that silly. We’ll never have the great 1970s Ardbeg again; it just isn’t as feasible to make. Or the great Macallan sherry casks that were at a high strength. And while it was cool to have 180 different Bruichladdich’s made a week by a man who was equal parts showman and whisky maker, it wasn’t as profitable as it should have been.

Some of these things we…

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