Bunnahabhain 16 Old Particular

Bunnahabhain 16 OP.jpg

So I showed up with this. And it was the worst of the night.

Thank fuck I brought homemade cookies or I’d be out. And vegan gluten free banana bread (it really did taste better than that statement makes it sound, I swear).

I have a soft spot for IB Bunnahabhain. Personally have enjoyed them more than the OB ones. Most of them. Not all. So when I was in Quebec a year ago, and choosing among all the different whiskies that were actually sold by a company that gives a damn about alcohol.

Though I’m not bitter.

And in seeing Bunnahabhain 16 Old Particular, I saw a company I like (Laing) selling a dram I most likely will enjoy (Bunnahabhain).

This is the standard ‘lightly peated’ Bunnahabhain juice that’s been aged in ex-bourbon hogshead. Single cask, decent amount of time, and seeing from the alcohol content, had some…

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