Brora 20 1982 Rare Malt

Brora 20 Rare Malts.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing a dram of this one.

Hey, look, it’s my birth year.

Last year I decided, through no sense of my own or my finances (especially not my finances) that I’d do some samples of whiskies that were distilled in my birth year. 1982.

I know, you’re thinking: I’ve seen /u/TOModera before, and he looks way older. He’s going bald and grey. I’m surprised he isn’t used by MADD to ensure no one drinks again.

And to that I thank you, some of us got brains over beauty.

Now that I’m done zinging my own strawman (seriously, remember when my writing was good?), what whisky am I drinking this year, and what’s the zany story behind it?

Glad you didn’t ask.

So before I knew /u/xile_, I had decided to bid on Brora 20 1982 Rare Malt. So I did. In an auction. And…

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