Longrow 13 Springbank Society Bottling

Longrow 13 Springbank Society.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for the last surprise dram of the evening.

So here we are. I’m already lost on two other mysteries. Both were immediately guessed correctly by the other two “completely in the dark” reviewers. Now there were two of us completely in the dark with no guesses yet.

Oh, and I had drank quite a few drams and chugged a lot of water by this point. I was holding on, but… could I last to the end?

The answer is no, I’m jumping ahead people.

So we started drinking. And almost immediately, like a crazed mountain lion on a wounded cute woodland animal, /u/devoz guesses: “This is like if Longrow Red had no red in it… but that doesn’t exist!”

Well fuck, there goes my chance to be a hero. I mumbled something about being lost and wrote down my reviews.

This odd ball is Longrow 13 Springbank…

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