BenRiach 6 part Odds and Ends

Hey, I haven’t done a multi part review in awhile. Why not another BenRiach one?

I enjoy BenRiach. So much so that I recently realized, through bottle splits, bottle purchases, and in one case a sample purchase, I had 6 BenRiach whiskies sitting around, ready for a Odds and Ends review.

As such, I’ll be somewhat biased. Or maybe not.

See, what I really, really like are BenRiach that are peated. And half of the ones here are, in fact, peated. That is the explanation why I seem to have done these in a random order. Literally I did one non-peated followed (after water, meditation, and prayer to the whisky gods for clearing my tongue) a peated one.

It lead to some… odd comparisons.

None the less, welcome to a mish-mash of reviews. Let’s see how the plucky Speyside did this time.

BenRiach Cadenhead Small Batch 2.jpgBenRiach 19 Cadenhead’s Small Batch 1996 is up…

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