Benrinnes SMWS 36.96 “Chocolate Cake Cookie”

Benrinnes SMWS 36.96 "Chocolate Cake Cookie".jpg

Looked at my upcoming samples I was planning on reviewing. Came to a conclusion: I was about to review some whiskies that may lower my overall numbers, if you catch my drift.

Suffice to say, I also had a first-fill 9 year old Benrinnes that was aching for it. Granted I sound like a Catholic priest talking about a young boy who likes chocolate bars too much, but let’s imagine I’m not a pedophile for the time being and we’ll all go home non-cornholed.

I’ve slowly been figuring out what I like in whiskies. Oddly enough, age has become the thing I want to know, but not judge it. It’s like: I want to know the different ages in a blend, I have a set idea of what things should taste like, however… those won’t stop me from trying it. It’s an odd moment when I want to know something…

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