Dillon’s Rye Whisky

Dillon's Rye Whisky.jpeg

Thank you /u/boyd86 for the sample.

Apologies for a quick story before I go into this one. I need to explain my bias. It’s for my… idiom.

So a few years ago my wife, some friends, and, most importantly for this story, I stopped by Dillon’s Distillery. All four of us knew only that they sold a variety of white dog, gins, bitters, and even a limoncello. We were in the area for wines, and this was a stop I was excited about.

We walk in, my wife goes to use the little girls room, and we start talking with the staff. She starts pointing out they have White Rye Whisky, and that we could buy mini casks to age it.

I decided to speak up. For better or for worse.

“Oh, that’s nice, however… have you ever considered releasing a higher proof white whisky?”


“Well, if you age…

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