McClelland Islay

McClelland Islay 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/shaillur for this sample. Maybe.

Hey, I’ve done a rough world whisky and a rough bourbon. Maybe it’s time to do what I expect will be a rough Scotch?

Well, that’s not to fair. I mean, sure McClelland Islay is owned by Morrison Bowmore distillers, and there’s no such thing as a McClelland distillery, and they just source it from the distillers they own.

And so what that it’s the only Scotch below $50 in Ontario, aka the home of the new prohibition, where prices don’t dip that low from the evil bowels of Hell that is the Scotch producers. Or at least that’s what the LCBO would have you believe.

Sure, those could point to a scary situation. Or the fact that it’s NAS, save for a time when the Speyside had a 12 year age statement on it.

Okay, yeah, that’s all quite frightening. And I’m…

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