Bowmore SMWS 3.228 “A deep, brooding masterpiece”

smws 3.228 2.jpeg

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for this sample.

Bowmore. I’m reviewing a Bowmore after reviewing a bunch of rougher drams. Do we see a potential pattern?

That said, Bowmore SMWS 3.228 “A deep, brooding masterpiece” is a bit of a different fish.

First off, it’s much, much older than the last few drams I’ve reviewed. Second up, there are a few Bowmore’s that I’ve enjoyed. Tempest, Laimrig, and Devil’s Cask. And what do two of those have in common?

That’s right, they are in English and have Greek roots. Oh, no, wait, that’s not it at all, I’m horrible at identifying where words are from.

No, two of those are cask strength and from sherry casks. And so is this one. Big difference here? It’s independently bottled and quite a bit older. That could make quite the difference.

So it’s an older dram from a distillery that isn’t typically loved that is…

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