Lohin McKinnon Single Malt


Thanks to /u/tishpickle for the sample.

Being surprised is one of those human emotions that all people can enjoy. The idea that something can come out of nowhere, pop up, and say “hello” is pretty cool. Even better when you presume, as I have, that you know everything.

In the case of Lohin McKinnon Single Malt, I got to be surprised. It’s a brand new single malt from a brewery called Central City. And before you get all Flash on me, they’re actually from Surrey, BC.

The brewery/distillery makes a variety of beers as well as a gin and the single malt I’m reviewing today. They’ve selected Canadian malted barley, they use BC water. From the website, they use three different Holstein Stills, which is different again from what I’ve read in the past.

Finally they speak of unique barrels, which makes me excited for the future. While I…

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