William Larue Weller (2016)


Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing a sample of this

Funny story: I’ve never had all of the different offerings of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. I’m missing one. Well, before this review, I’m missing one. Wait, two. I’m missing two.

It’s been a rough month. Or two.

Or quarter.

And you’d think, given the amount of reviews I’ve done, that I probably should have at some point. But I’m only human, and there’s a lot of whiskey out there to drink.

Not to mention hunting these down isn’t exactly easy. I’d imagine if I tried harder and maybe was more into Bourbon and had some extra cash, I’d end up with some of these.

But today I knock another off the list. William Larue Weller, specifically the 2016 offering. The only fully named version of the famous whiskey pioneer Weller who’s namesake would eventually make up half of Stitzel-Weller…

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