Amrut Double Cask

Amrut Double Cask.jpg

Thanks again to /u/devoz for the sample.

So I’m at a whisky tasting and I get offered another Amrut. And because I need to keep drinking Amruts or my ancestors will rise up and destroy Sri Lanka.

Which is amazing because I’m white as shit and my ancestors never went there, but thems the breaks. Sorry Island country.

Not that I wouldn’t drink this otherwise. It’s a blend of two old Indian whiskies from Amrut, one from ex-bourbon and one from ex-sherry.

The fact that it contains whiskies that are older than traditional Amruts is like the cherry on top. Or rather, it’s like cake on top of cake. With more cake.

Damn I need to stop eating cake.

At the end of the day, this is different than multiple finished whiskies. It’s closer to a Canadian method of aging each component separately and then mixing them. Which I’m pretty…

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