GlenDronach 18 1995 Single Cask Tawny Port Pipe


Thanks to /u/lasidar for a sample of this one.

Honestly, I have samples of GlenDronach Single Casks. I really, really do. I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Lots going on. Too much, some would say. And too many samples my wife would say.

None the less, thanks to my whisky friends, I get to try them. And today is an odd one. You see, typically these GlenDronach have a sherry finish or maturation. Specifically either Oloroso or Pedro Ximenez.

In the case of GlenDronach 18 1995 Single Cask Tawny Port Pipe, it was finished in the Finest Tawny Port Pipe. I believe it was aged in Sherry casks, however I have no way to prove that at all and may just be remembering that as something said while we were all drinking.

I personally like Port. It’s sweet and pairs well with cheese. Like my wife. But enough…

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