Laphroaig 25 (2011) [900th Review]


Thanks to /u/xile_ for the sample.

So I made a big deal out of hitting 800 reviews recently. And by recently, I mean 100 reviews ago. I feel a little sheepish this being my 900th review. Didn’t mean to turn them around so quickly. Guess I had a rough couple of months. Especially after some great people in the Toronto Whisky Community helped make that one epic.

None the less, here we are. Can’t unring this bell. I happened to be at a whisky tasting and ended up with this one, completely not planned (no, seriously).

Makes sense though. I recently bought a version of this, two years the vintage, so it makes sense to of course drink a different one first. This is Laphroaig 25, specifically the 2011 version.

Laphroaig has had two different types of 25 year old releases: One is Cask strength (which is this one)…

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