Old Pulteney 1989 Vintage


Thanks to /u/xile_ for this sample. This mystery sample.

Yes, another Mystery review. From the king of fucking up mystery reviews, who can’t have a clue.

This was my newest chance to prove myself. And while no one else guessed it correctly, I didn’t make up for my shortfalls. Don’t think I’ll ever be that kind of whisky drinker. I know what I like and that’s my thing.

Old Pulteney 1989 Vintage is an interesting malt. They’ve taken their standard malt, however matured it in casks that were previously filled with peated whisky from Islay. It’s 26 years old, being pulled from the cask in 2015. Non coloured and non-chillfiltered.

What we were told before drinking it was that it was a peated malt. And that it was a Scotch this time. Not a rum.

At least I had a better chance. Let’s see how I did, shall we?


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