anCnoc Flaughter

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Thanks to /u/Throzen for this one.

I’ve had my misgivings when discussing anCnoc in the past. I’ve gotten them mixed up with another distillery that sounds the same but is spelled differently. Coming from a country who’s football (US) had 9 total teams and two the same, you’ll understand how I’m easy to fool.

anCnoc Flaughter is named after a tool used in peat cutting. Specifically it’s a spade used in peat cutting. The spade is used to cut away the richer and root filled layer of peat.

This version is the third most peated, behind the Cutter and Tuskar, in front of Rascan. All of them are NAS, and all of them have their PPM in peat. It’s certainly an interesting idea, and more peat is always something I welcome.

The entire collection is limited edition, aged in ex-bourbon casks, and bound and determined to teach us baby handed…

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