Mortlach 1989 Murray McDavid [Feather’s Flight Review Set #16]

mortl 2.jpg

So I went to The Feathers Pub to review whiskies ahead of time for a tasting I’m running.

I only needed to review two of them ahead of time, so I reviewed two more, because that’s how I do. The Mortlach 1989 Murray McDavid was one of the drams that we were chosen.

I have said it before, recently, and I’ll say it again: Mortlach is one of those drams that has no middle ground. Typically. I try not to stick too hard to assumptions. I accept there can be some middle of the road Mortlach.

I also recently stated I hadn’t found any Mortlachs under the age of 15. So using my power for evil, I chose this dram for my own selfish needs. Or rather I wanted to do a Mortlach that I’ve never had, and didn’t actually know it fit those credentials.

So let’s see how this…

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