Caol Ila 15 Signatory Millennium Edition [Feather’s Flight Review Set #16]

Caol Ila 15 Signatory 1984 2.jpg

To finish up prep for an upcoming tasting I’m running at The Feathers Pub, I ‘had’ to review some of these whiskies before hand to help people go through it.

Or at least I wanted to… but unfortunately the incorrect Caol Ila was poured.

At the end of each review set, I try to do an Islay. Partially because of something I call the Peat Barrier, which is an imaginary barrier one should not cross if they are going to have more whisky. Unless that whisky is also peated. And just as much.

The second reason is I’m a peat-a-holic. I love smoke infused peat things. They make me happy. I also smoke a turkey every year, have smoked a cheesecake (as I won’t shut up about), and use Ancho chili like it’s the cure for whatever my lazy ass has.

Suffice to say, you better believe I was…

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