Kilkerran Work In Progress 6 Bourbon Wood


Thanks to my wife for buying this when I was wishy-washy and then mocking me constantly with it, all while trading people gin for samples.

I finally got to drink some guys! Only took a little while!

Well, I mean I got to drink some and review it. The last time I had this was after 11 other drams at a tasting I was running. And trust me, my notes were mostly finger paintings after having three CS Amruts.

Kilkerran Work in Process 6 Bourbon Wood continues where the Work in Process 5 left off. Anything else would be silly and a bad form of naming.

After 4 the two different Kilkerrans split off. Some went into Sherry casks, and some went into ex-Bourbon casks. And some experimental casks, but that doesn’t help us right now.

The youngest of the Campbeltown distilleries continued to sell them split up, leaving us…

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