Auchentoshan 25 1978 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #17]


Went to The Feathers Pub for my belated birthday. In my family, we don’t really love you if we celebrate your birthday on the day you were born. It’s against the rules.

Also December is busy as fuck.

With my father paying and my cousins nicely coming along, we ate English food (that I love) and I drank (which I’m mostly fond of).

These are the big guns.

A few nights ago I started off a tasting at Feathers I was running (humblebrag) and mentioned that I love Lowlands, which surprises people.

The reason is a lot of us don’t enjoy them is for a few reasons:

  • Currently there are only 7 distilleries left in the Lowlands. Of them, three started in the aughts (the 2000s), two others are older but one of them just released an OB, one is owned by Diageo and I have nothing to say about…

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