Millburn Signatory Vintage 1979 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #17]

millburn.jpgThe Feathers Pub! That’s where I went.

What in the what is Millburn distillery? Well like a lot of the world, they stopped producing quality spirits in the 80s and fell into ruin, leaving us all with a gaping hole in our chests where they used to be.

Well… that was a little melodramatic.

The distillery started in 1807, before the Excise Act of 1823. They have a nebulous period where they both existed and didn’t between 1829 and 1853, when it was bought and turned into a mill.

In 1876 someone realized that corn blows and whisky rocks, and turned it back into a distillery.

A bunch of things happened after that, mostly including what happens with companies that eventually are owned by Diageo: They kept merging with others like some sort of horny bacteria.

It would seem this distillery was used by a variety of blenders to add…

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