Liberty Pole Triple Review (Bassett Town Whiskey, Rye, Peated Bourbon)


Thanks to Liberty Pole spirits for the samples. I appreciate the chance to try your whisky.

Liberty Pole is not the name of a strip joint in Pittsburgh. Well, it might be. However we’re not talking about that today.

We’re discussing Liberty Pole Spirits. Washington Country, Pennsylvania was founded by Scotch-Irish veterans of the Revolutionary War.

And because they were Scotch-Irish, they had a higher chance to know whiskey making techniques. Slightly.

Later on the government tried to tax whiskey, which of course the people saw as a tax upon their money since they were bartering with whiskey. They banded together and became the Mingo Creek Society.

They planted Liberty Poles throughout the county.

I have to say that if I was paid in whiskey it’d make life easier. Until the starvation kicked in.

And within Washington Country, Pennsylvania, Liberty Pole spirits was founded.

The craft distillery is 100% family…

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