Banff 1975 Malts of Scotland ‘Diamonds’

banff 2.png

Thanks to /u/whisky_lads for this sample.

I’ve had these samples for awhile. And have been a little bit confused about them.

You see, the swapped seems to have disappeared. I won’t go into details, however using simple methods like “using Google” and “having his real name and address”, I cyber stalked the living shit out of him and emailed every single one I could. And sent snail mail.

And maybe tried talking to ex-co-workers. And maybe considered seeing if I could show up outside his place, with a boombox.

Suffice to say, I eventually gave up. And during a recent sorting job of my whisky samples I found out I had these samples. And also no room. So I put 1 and 1 together and started drinking, aka the solution of all of life’s problems.

So assuming that the swapped doesn’t come back from wherever he is and doesn’t say…

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