Toronto Distillery Company Hickory Cask

TDC Hickory 2.png

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for the sample. Because I’m stupid for not buying a bottle.

You see, my wife was right, and I should have just grabbed a bottle. Or asked one of my many friends to grab me a bottle. Unfortunately I bought quite a bit of whisky during the month (first world problems) and decided I needed to back off.

I mean, it’s just Toronto Distillery Company Hickory Cask, the last product from their brick and mortar store, made in the only Hickory Cask in the world. A cask so hard to make that the now retired cooper was injured and stated never again (it wasn’t why he retired, let’s not get too dramatic).

I mean, yeah, Pete Bradford, “Canada’s Last Cooper” made it, and the hickory was so tough that it went from 110L to a 77L cask. And he swore to never make another.

So yes…

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