Black Bull 40

black bull 40 1.jpg

A long time ago (4 years) when I didn’t know as much about whisky as I do now (still not that much) I saw an interesting bottle of whisky.

It had a large, Black Bull on it. And as I am in my 30s and only mildly question my sexuality most days, that didn’t do enough for me. At that time I was being very picky with what I bought. An unknown whisky that stated it was a blend wasn’t going to turn me.

As such, I didn’t buy it. I totally judged a book by it’s cover. I also didn’t know too much about Reddit and hadn’t heard anything about it.

Jump ahead to now. I’m a little smarter. I want to try everything. Yes, fucking everything… whisky wise, stop typing me a love letter Hugo, I’m taken.

I buy a split of a bottle of Black Bull 40

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