Limeburners Single Malt American Barrel M197

limeburners2.jpg The one on the right…. That says Limeburners…. Others I didn’t drink as I wasn’t at this and this was the only image of the bottle I could find

Thanks to UncleTobys for this sample.

Going to start this review a little bit different.

So I reviewed this whisky blind. I’ve heard of Limeburners when people talk about Aussie whisky, but didn’t know much.

This came as a surprise in a swap, and I just got to it. Reviewed it, enjoyed it, was surprised at the low Abv.

Then went looking for an image. Which was very difficult. Finally found one on Facebook, and I was happy once more. However the image was from the Queensland Whisky group (I think) and they had a write up.

In which they noted this was not the favourite of the day. Rather some people had noted it tasted like dried dog food.


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