New World Projects Starward Limited Release

new world projects px cask 2.jpg

Thanks to UncleTobys for this sample.

I watch a lot of procedural police dramas. It’s one of many horrible things I do to balance out the good I try and put out in the world. Because life is about balance.

It’s also pretty rough when you’re not able to contact the person who swapped you anymore. Add onto that it’s from Australia, and you know nothing about that place save for biology, various cultural things you’ve picked up, a few documentaries, and Crocodile Dundee once a week as a child.

From what I can tell, Starward is a distillery in Australia that has been around for about 11 years. They use Australian barrels and barley, and are in their 4th year of production. So still a young distillery.

There were limited releases from them over the years, and one of them was the New World Projects Starward Limited Release

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