Heartwood Triple Review (Epiphany of the Lakes, Any Port in a Storm [Winter Edition], Convict Resurrection)

Thanks to UncleTobys for these samples.

I have a whisky bucket list. Or rather, as I’ve started calling them, my white whales. These are odd or interesting or quite tasty drams I want to try.

For instance, Hibiki 30 is on that list. And the whisky made of bagels. And Bruichladdich Fishky. Not to mention trying Heartwood.

Which if you’re following along, is something I’ve reviewed before, thanks to some very nice Aussies.

However let’s be honest, just because you have a pod of white whales doesn’t mean you spear one, wham bam thank you mam and walk away.

Wait, that makes it sound like I’m fucking whales. Didn’t want to imply that. They prefer to be called “full figured women”. And they usually go for guys who don’t have small dicks and a weight problem themselves, so I’m not really fucking anyone.

None the less, I was sent additional…

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