Stronachie 18 A. D. Rattray [Re-Review]

Stronachie 18 ADR 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/WDMC-905 for the sample.

Every so often I have someone who doesn’t agree with my reviews. And when it isn’t the usual suspects who are snarky, they ask me nicely and I eventually find a new dram to re-review it. Sometimes my score changes, sometimes I’m drinking Tobermory and it’s not better.

However what usually doesn’t happen is someone actually offers me the bloody replacement dram. Which I’ll thank WDMC-905 for doing this time. He found it odd that my last review of this one had a sushi smell to it.

In checking the dram again, I have an explanation for it. So let’s see how the second review of Stronachie 18 A.D. Rattray goes compared to the first.

Stronachie, for those of you who missed last time, is a dead distillery that A.D. Rattray have tried to recreate with barrels from Benrinnes.

Let’s see how it tastes…

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