Johnnie Walker Double Black

jw db 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Tsefly for the sample. And the cool labels.

A lot of people ask the usual question: Why are threesomes the number one secret sexual desire of men?

Trust me, I’m getting to the whisky soon.

And the typical answer, as given by many people, is this: Do you like cookies? (Assuming you do and you’re not broken inside) Would you like 1 cookie, or 2 cookies?

It’s a pretty simple way of looking at it.

Thus when asked why I would want to drink “Johnnie Walker Double Black**, I seem to have hit the same issue: Would I like one Black or Double Black?

Wait, that sounded racist. I don’t mean I have slaves. I don’t. And I’m against slavery (so brave).

But what does that mean, Double Black?

This is the traditional Johnnie Walker Black Label, however more Islay and more whisky that has been aged in…

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