Wild Turkey Shootout (13 – Distiller’s Reserve, Kentucky Spirit, Rare Breed)

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for the sample of Wild Turkey 13.

A buddy of mine is going to be a dad. And as such, I assume his entire personal life will go right to heck and end up having no time for us DINKS who only want cats.

So I packed up some samples and went to his place. He’s a big fan of Wild Turkey, and I happened to have some samples.

So please join me in enjoying some bourbon from one of the top 3 bird named producers out there.

Wild Turkey 13 2.jpgWild Turkey 13 – Distiller’s Reserve is up first. This is made specifically for the Japanese market. And as I’m not currently in that market, nor have I ever been, I feel pretty happy to try it out.

Simply put, this is an age stated, older than normal but lower Abv. than normal (other than the 81 proof line)…

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