Tullamore Dew Special Reserve 12

tullamore dew 12.jpeg

Thanks to /u/Tsefly for the sample.

Irish whiskey is introduced to different people in many different ways. Most of us in our teens (I don’t condone teenage drinking, but I’m also not in denial).

Some of us have it later on, mixed with coke, and use it to get drunk. A small contingent of us enjoy whiskey so much we continue drinking it. A smaller group expands outside their happy place, and among them, we drink Irish whiskey every so often.

But that’s not everyone when you’re talking about Tullamore Dew. This lower priced brand makes it’s rounds among anyone who, at some point, wanted to get crunk, get drunk, and get fuuuuuucked up.

However to many of us, myself included, it turns out that Tullamore Dew isn’t a one trick pony. Or even a horse, but a distillery! Also they make multiple whiskeys.

Case in point: Tullarmore Dew Special…

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