Sazerac 18 (2015)

sazerac 18 2015 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for the sample

Hey, look, it’s /u/TOModera , reviewing a rye. Everyone is happy to see this, right?

Recently I was asked to stop reviewing bourbon, as I don’t enjoy it. And it’s at times like that where one can only do one thing: Laugh. Laugh like someone is tickling your feet and ain’t stopping anytime soon.

As a reminder, I review everything and anything. I personally believe that every person can find a release from a distillery that they will like. Some will differ, some will stick with what they know, and that’s that.

So the idea of only reviewing what one likes is silly. It leads to stagnation. If you’re like that, then you probably won’t be reviewing long. You’ll find what you like, buy a case or two, and be happy. For the rest of us, who have writing problems, we’ll keep trying different…

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