Centennial Canadian Rye Whisky Dark Chocolate

centennial canad.jpg

This was tasted as part of the Toronto Whisky Society. We were given this bottle from Highwood Distillers for the purpose of reviewing it. We take our reviews seriously, and do not give higher marks because something is free. I appreciate the donation from Highwood.

Assuming no one reads that, feel free to call me a shill in the comments.

This is the first Centennial branded Canadian whisky I have ever had. From what I can see, this is a 10 year old blend whisky. Based on what I can gather, it is a blend meant to be a smoother Canadian whisky. It’s originally aged in ex-Bourbon barrels, and is meant to be a lighter whisky.

In this case, I’ll be reviewing Centennial Canadian Rye Whisky Dark Chocolate. Thus they have taken their standard blended whisky and added dark chocolate flavouring to it. Though according to the website, only…

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