GlenDronach Peated


Recently I was lucky enough to join the Toronto Whisky Society in the first of what we hope is a constant amount of tastings.

In order to give everyone a shot at coming out, the entry “fee” was to bring a bottle that was NAS/10 years that was at least half full.

The following reviews are from said tasting, in which I was able to take my time, take pictures that don’t just show off one part of my apartment, and ensure my palate was thoroughly rinsed (with water) between each whisky.

GlenDronach Peated is peated to 25ppm. Why do I say that? Shouldn’t this standard we’re all used to just need the word “Peated” after it?

Well… kinda. You see, prior to 2002, all GlenDronach was peated. Between 0-15ppm each.

I’ll give you a second to take that in. Even though I’ve literally stated it every chance I get…

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