Glengoyne 25

glengoyne 25.jpg

If you enter into our apartment, you first notice that we have lots of bookshelves. My wife’s still have room on them, and my smaller ones are packed to the brim.

As you venture into the main living room, you’ll notice the shelves that have the whisky. Bulging out, the samples take up a few rows, the glasses a few more, and the bottles. On top of it are what some would call the prizes.

These are the whiskies that comes in special containers. They rest up there beside Doctor Who figurines, a Bioshock mask, a brandy from Vieni, and the ashes of a dead cat. The whiskies are interlopers upon a space they were never meant to be.

Why? Because of special edition boxes that contain them. That brings us to Glengoyne 25, which rests in the middle of these three bottles.

Arran 21 stares from another shelf…

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