Clynelish 20 1995 Signatory Cask Strength Collection

clynelish 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this sample.

This is a Clynelish that was aged for 20 years, sold at cask strength, and aged in refill sherry casks. The vintage is 1995. It hits all the right buttons on my “consider” list, with an older malt at cask strength from an IB that I like.

But first I must try it. And that means I have to find the image and information. Otherwise I feel less in the eyes of you, internet strangers.

Now normally, in normal terms, of normal whisky, drank by normal people, in normal circumstances, that would narrow down this dram.

However it seems like Clynelish had some sort of fire sale in 1995 and searching out a specific Clynelish Signatory barrel from the cask strength collection is about as easy as finding someone with the last name O’Shanessey in Bangladesh using only mime.

Granted I could just ask…

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