Bunnahabhain 7 2006 (cask 800089) Berry Bros & Rudd

bunna 2.jpeg

Thanks to /u/Boyd86

for this sample

Bunnahabhain is one of the most interesting Islay distilleries. And not for the reasons that others are typically interesting.

Normally Scotch drinkers lean towards peat, because… well it’s peat, that’s awesome. But Bunnahabhain doesn’t typically peat their drams a lot (very low amounts).

So what makes them special?

It’s hard to say. Perhaps it’s because the OB line has some interesting characters. The 25 is certainly quite tasty. They tend to use quality sherry casks and it shows. However I have a different reason.

You can find tons and tons and tons of Bunnahabhain independent bottles. So much so, that Adelphi, who are working on a distillery that will be named Liddesdale, uses current Bunnahabhain as a target for what they want it to taste like.

Because of that, I’ve had the chance to try and enjoy a lot of 20+ year scotches from…

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