Redbreast 15

Redbreast 15.jpg

Had some time to kill. So what does a smart young businessperson like myself do when they have a few hours to kill before a whisky tasting?

Why you go for a walk in the cold out to a bar that just got in Pappy van Winkle 20 to see the price, that’s what.

I showed up to Rush Lane & Co. with the plan to have some of the above. However while the bar is well stocked and open when I showed up, unfortunately they were holding off on pouring any until a special flight was served for regulars. While that’s too bad for me, I appreciate them saving it for an interesting flight.

So what am I to do? Why try a sample of Redbreast 15 instead, as it’s been on my To-Do lists for awhile.

My current history with Redbreast has been a spotty one. I tend…

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