Blended Malt Scotch Whisky XO The Whisky Agency ‘Good Vibes’


The other evening I was fortunate enough to sit down with Igor from Heads & Tails with /u/devoz and /u/muaddib99. They probably posted theirs right away, and I have a backlog.

Blends. Well, that’s not the right terminology, however I typically group together all blended malts and blended whiskies into the same group. A lot of us do. But the difference is there’s a lack of grain whisky, and this shows up every so often in my reviews.

Or when the whisky starts with “Compass Box”.

This is one of those cases.

The story goes that our protagonist, a plucky gentleman of whom I can’t remember the name, entered a warehouse looking to buy casks for future bottlings. And in a corner of the warehouse sat some interesting casks.

“Yo dawg, what’s up with these crazy motherfuckers?” He said, probably using a different vernacular completely.

“No, sir. Those casks…

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