Glen Moray 1988 Jack Wieber Locomotive Breath

glen moray 27.jpg

The other evening I was fortunate enough to sit down with Igor from Heads & Tails with /u/devoz and /u/muaddib99. They probably posted theirs right away, and I have a backlog.

The act of being able to be surprised is an odd one. People watch horror movies, believe in fanciful things, and overall will be ignorant to be surprised. It’s part of the human condition. It’s just part of us.

Others don’t like being surprised, or rather don’t actively try to search it out. As such, I was surprised to try two whiskies in the evening before St. Patrick’s day that blew my perception of whiskies wide open.

You’ll notice in reviews that I typically don’t add a lot of water. I typically sit back with a whisky for an hour and am able to pick out notes. If I add water, all the notes come forward that would…

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