Clynelish SMWS 26.117 “Silky smooth sundowner”

27.117 1.jpg

Opened this one up for a recent drinking fun time with fellow whisky drinkers.

Hey, I’m not the biggest fan of Clynelish when it’s aged in ex-bourbon casks. I prefer it finished in something, as their malt takes to finishes or unique maturation really well.

So of course, when I heard about Clynelish SMWS 26.117 “Silky smooth sundowner”, I was interested. It’s aged in Sauternes casks!

And then, after buying it, and saving it for a tasting, I sat back and had some other Sauternes cask whiskies. And found a pattern in my Sauternes whisky reviews:

I’m not the biggest fan of Sauternes casks either.

Thus I’m wondering why I own this bottle. I certainly like the look, and the name is fun. So there’s that. And really, just because you don’t like certain aspects that majorly impact the flavour, those aren’t reasons to not buy a whisky.


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